Region & Country

The Southern Palatinate is home to our brewery for generations. All those who care about taste rave about the sweet life in the Palatinate. The Palatinate and its guests know how to enjoy life! Numerous festivals, culinary specialties, the connection to nature as well as the zest for life of its people ensure quality of life and joy. Bellheimer beer has helped to shape the people in the region, their cheerful character, their hospitality and cosiness. Since the brewery was founded by Johann Karl Silbernagel more than 150 years ago, this beer, which is a unique combination of culture and nature, has been brewed in the heart of the Southern Palatinate. And last but not least, the proximity of the Bellheimer brewery creates a special connection to the people in the region. As a traditional brewery from the Southern Palatinate, the reflection on our region and the people who live here has always been very important to us.